Scarborough Youth Football FORMS:

For your child's safety, he/she will not be permitted to practice or play in games until all of the forms have been received (no exceptions).

SFC Physical Examination Form (Click Here)

Your child's doctor must complete and sign (no stamps, faxes, or photocopies) the SFC Physical Examination Form stating that your child is healthy enough to play either flag or tackle football. SFC provides this form for use by your medical professional and facility in the absence of their own athletic medical form. Please ensure, if you intend to use a form provided by your medical professional, that your child's name, date of last physical, a statement that clears your child for unrestricted physical activity, and provides your medical professional's name, facility, and signature.

Please have your child's doctor complete this form and return it to:

Scarborough Football Club, c/o SFC President, PO Box 862, Scarborough Maine, 04070-0862

This form must be completed annually and submitted to the Scarborough Football Club (SFC) prior to participation in any SFC sponsored activities. The form will remain on file for one calendar year of your child's last physical and will cover all SFC sponsored

Player-Parent Handbook (Click Here)

Each parent/guardian is expected to review the parent handbook and sign the parent code of conduct. In addition, each parent/guardian should review the player handbook/code of conduct with their child. The handbook and code of conduct can be located on our website under

League Documentation:

Maine Sportsmanship League (2nd-6th grade)