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7-on-7 Program

7-on-7 Program Details

What Is It?

A non-contact summer football program for tackle and flag players.

What Are The Goals?

  1. Give kids an opportunity to have fun and exercise ahead of football season

  2. Create an opportunity for players in flag and tackle programs to play together

  3. Develop football skills

Where Will It Happen?

SHS turf field. 

When Will It Happen?

Sessions will be held weekly on Sundays from July 10 to August 14 (6 sessions in total). Session duration will be determined by the number of participants:

  • 15-30 players: 1 hour (est. session timing - 6pm to 7pm)

  • 30-60 players: 2 hours (est. session timing - 6pm to 8pm)

  • 60-90 players: 3 hours (est. session timing - 6pm to 9pm)

Who Is Eligible?

All SYF players in grades 5-8 will be eligible. Grade level is based on the 2021-2022 school year

What About COVID?

The program will comply with COVID requirements for the facility and as specified by the state. 

What is the registration fee?

$90 per player for the 6-week program

Will Participants Wear Pads?

No. The only required equipment will be cleats and a water bottle. Masks and mouthpieces may be recommended/required.

7on7 - Tell Me More

7on7 is a football format where line play is taken out of the game. There is no blocking nor running, just a QB and receivers vs a team of defenders. There is no tackling, players will be declared down when a defender touches them with both hands. QBs will be considered down if they do not throw the ball within a given timeframe (4-6 seconds)

7on7 is specifically cited by USA Football as a recommended activity (along with flag) for programs awaiting approval for inter-town competition,

The format is similar to flag, where teams can reset downs by reaching a certain point on the field and eventually need to reach the end zone to score.

While the name of the drill is 7on7, it can be configured to accommodate any number of players. Games and teams will be organized according to player size (using their pods) to maximize participation and roughly even competition.